Vancouver's Premier Medical Innovation Hatching Event

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The PHIX Grand Prize for excellence in the Great Hatch went to both BeLeaf and UriKnow! BeLeaf tackled depression through a unique, personalized way of connecting with loved ones, and UriKnow focused on urine flow rate monitoring for the busy hospital workplace.

The Faculty of Medicine Catalyst Award for best interdisciplinary collaboration went to Opioid Crisis, a team trying to prevent deaths from the Fentanyl overdose!

The Genome BC Impact Award for biggest potential healthcare impact went to MommyData, an eHealth literacy tool for new mothers.

The Faculty of Applied Science Award for best innovation of the course of the Great Hatch went to one of our finalists, LocoMobility! They successfully prototyped a low-cost device to address pressure ulcers in developing nations.

Congratulations everybody! The best of luck to all of you!


02/10/17 - Applications close for "The Great Hatch" event

03/03/17 - "The Great Hatch" begins

03/05/17 - "The Great Hatch" ends. See you next year!

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