Vancouver's First Medical Innovation Hatching Event

One Event. Multiple Disciplines. Solving Healthcare Challenges.  

hatch (verb; 'hach'): to bring forth or produce; devise; create; contrive; concoct

The idea is simple; bring brilliant people with different perspectives together to tackle challenges in healthcare. Far too often those facing these challenges are not connected with the expertise and resources to hatch solutions. Together, we can build an agile community of innovators to identify and solve technical problems in healthcare.

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07/26/2016 - UpRight takes home the $1500 4-Month Out Award!

03/29/2016 - Congratulations to SmartCurve for taking home our Geyer Family 1st Place Award!!

03/09/2016 - Pre-event workshop confirmed for 4-6pm in CHBE 103 (2360 East Mall)

Our Top Supporters in 2016


+ How is Hatching Health different than a Hackathon? (also.. what's a Hackathon?)

This is not your traditional Hackathon. A Hackathon is where software developers work together over a weekend to tackle a specific problem. Hatching Health is different in that 1) we also invite hardware solutions and 2) participants with non-technical, health backgrounds are a vital part in order to solve a multitude of different probelms in healthcare.

+ Can I participate if I am not a student?

Absolutely. We like to think of the participants as 'learners'. The only criteria to apply is enthusiasm for medical innovation and collaboration.

+ Does the event cost anything?

The event costs only $25 for students and $50 for non-students if you're selected to participate and includes food, prototyping equipment (ex: 3D printer) and experts abound. We want to make it affordable but also want to make sure you are committed!

+ Alright I'm in. How do I make sure I'm selected to participate?

Fill in the application thoughtfully. Additionally there is an optional component in the application where you can describe a healthcare problem you've identified. Applicants with well thought out and specific medical problem will be favoured. Fear not though, if you can't think of anything, other participants and our mentors will surely have your back!

+ Are there prizes?

We believe a big part of medical innovation is translating and implementing your brilliant ideas. We have over $5000 in cash and in-kind prizes to award to the teams that can translate their process and ideas to a panel of judges.

+ What if I don't know anything about healthcare or engineering?

If you have a healthcare background, you'd be surprised what technical knowledge you already have. Same applies for technical backgrounds. Even if you don't have the technical skills, we'll have mentors floating around answering questions ranging from medicine to graphic design.

+ How do we form teams?

On the Saturday morning, teams will form based on pitched problems. We want you to come to the event without a team, so that you can form your team based on problems that excite you the most. Some rules/guidance: 1) We are hoping teams will consist of 5 people on average. 2) Teams will have 8 people maximum. 3) Each team must have at least 1 engineering and 1 healthcare student/professional.

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