Hatching Health 2017 Impact

The Great Hatch 2017 event brought some of the most innovative minds in BC together to hatch medical innovation and we are thrilled that many of the teams have indicated they will be pursuing their ideas further. The winning teams include:


This year out panel of judges could not decide on a single PHIX Grand Prize Award winner; instead they gave out two awards! UriKnow (left) and BeLeaf both impressed the panel with their passion in approaching well validated problems and developing proof-of-concept prototypes. In an effort to reduce complications arising from misread or UriKnow provides a easier solution to monitoring urine flow rate for catheterized patients in a busy workplace to reduce complications arising from abnormal rates. BeLeaf aims to bring a more personal approach to help people suffering with depression through both an app and a totem.


The Faculty of Medicine Catalyst Award for best interdisciplinary collaboration went to Opioid Crisis, a team trying to prevent deaths from the Fentanyl overdose through a wearable designed to detect early symptoms.


The Genome BC Impact Award for biggest potential healthcare impact went to MommyData, an eHealth literacy tool for new mothers who can be overwhelmed with information that may sometimes not be from a credible source.


The Faculty of Applied Science Award for best innovation of the course of the Great Hatch went to one of our finalists, LocoMobility. They successfully prototyped a low-cost device to address pressure ulcers for wheelchair users in low-resource environments.


The Geyer Family First Place Award - Smart Curve

This team addressed the problem of customizing wheelchair seating for the pediatric population suffering from spinal deformities.

VCHRI Second Place Award - UpRight

This is a ‘smart’ walker developed specifically for patients with Parkinson’s.

UBC Biomedical Engineering Hardware Award - Companion

A GPS wearable for those with early dementia who are prone to becoming disoriented and need a means to direct them to their home/destination.

HumanAPI Software Award - Happi

An app for those suffering with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

Doctors of BC Collaboration Award - StrollSight

Addressing the difficulty of visually impaired individuals pushing a stroller while using their other hand for navigation with a walking stick.