What is The Great Hatch?

hatch (verb; 'hach'): to bring forth or produce; devise; create; concoct

How can we bring together individuals of all different backgrounds and give them the opportunity to address important issues within the world of healthcare? The Great Hatch is an annual weekend-long innovation event that aims to harness the potential we have as humans to create and critically think to solve problems and improve lives. We give people a chance to connect with each other because that is where the most inspiring stories and solutions are hatched.



08/15/2019 - Great Hatch 2019 Alumni Event!

04/03/2019 - 4 Week Out Follow-Up Event!

03/01/2019 - 03/03/2019 - The Great Hatch 2019!

Thank you to all the participants, judges and
mentors for attending The Great Hatch 2019!

Read about our 2019 winners and projects here.

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What about our 2018 Winners?

We’ve gotten updates from a few of the winners from the Great Hatch 2018.

Read about how far they have come here.