Hatching Health 2018 Impact

The Great Hatch 2018 brought together passionate innovators from as far away as Edmonton and the results were amazingly creative solutions to tough healthcare problems. We’re thrilled with the growth teams have experienced since the event finished in March. The winners of our four awards were:

The HATCHING HEALTH GRAND PRIZE 2018 for best overall solution went to Lumina, a team that created simple, low-cost mechanical improvements on tools used in central venous access to improve efficiency and reduce risk. They thought of an elegant and practical solution that can have a serious positive impact on patient outcomes. Our judges were especially impressed with the 3D printed prototype they had prepared.


The FACULTY OF MEDICINE CATALYST AWARD for best interdisciplinary collaboration went to Flutter, who developed a personalized fetal monitoring system that also provides education and counselling to first-time mothers.


The JOULE HEALTHCARE INNOVATION AWARD for biggest potential healthcare impact went to DTECH, an easy to use at home diagnostic device designed to help diabetic patients manage their foot pain.


The FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE AWARD for the most technical innovation went to one of our finalists, VitalEyes. They created a way to non-invasively monitor vitals through computer vision.



The PHIX Grand Prize - UriKnow and BeLeaf

UBC Faculty of Medicine Catalyst Award - OpioidCrisis

GenomeBC Innovation Award - MommyHealth

UBC Faculty of Applied Science Innovation Award - LocoMobility


The Geyer Family First Place Award - Smart Curve

VCHRI Second Place Award - UpRight

UBC Biomedical Engineering Hardware Award - Companion

HumanAPI Software Award - Happi

Doctors of BC Collaboration Award - StrollSight