Design Mentors


Jonathan aitken

Founder and Project Leader, Tacit Design Strategy

Jonathan Aitken has a passion for unraveling complex problems and designing creative solutions that help effect real change. Jonathan’s education in Communication and Industrial Design help bring an interdisciplinary focus to his work, and his creative solutions include interaction, industrial, and communication design. Recently, Aitken was the Director of the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr—a human-centred design research centre looking at complex problems in healthcare. Aitken has now established Tacit Design Strategy, offering his own unique blend of co-creative and participatory design research practices to a broad base of clients.


Michaela Baer

Product Design Manager

Michaela Baer is a product design manager specializing in medical software. After a cancer diagnosis in 2012, Michaela became fascinated by efforts to improve patient and clinician experience and developed a keen interest in healthcare innovation and mHealth. She is currently Innovation Lead at Arya Health and was previously Director of Products at Reliq Health Technologies. She holds a BFA from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.


Nadia Beyzaei

Coordinator at Health Design Lab

Nadia Beyzaei is the Coordinator of the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Nadia has been involved in projects ranging from small-scale communication design projects to systems-based research projects related to aging, indigenous health and community engagement. Within her role as coordinator, Nadia is responsible for the logistical/operational aspects of running design research projects, but also brings a health research lens to her work within the lab, based on her 5 years of experience in working at the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. Through her work at BCCHR, Nadia has been involved in research projects involving vulnerable patient populations and their families, as well as health care professionals in the community. Within both these roles, Nadia’s research interests reside in bridging the gap between health and design research methodologies that aim to improve health outcomes for individuals of different backgrounds, age groups, and cognitive abilities.


sarah hay

Faculty at Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Sarah Hay is an interdisciplinary designer, facilitator and educator. She brings a wide range and depth of experience working collaboratively in sustainable architecture, health + well-being and civic engagement. She is an instructor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design* where she is currently teaching a 3rd year industrial design studio called Medical and Assistive Device Design.

She is a co-director of the Vancouver Design Nerds Society and founder of Slow & Steady Design.


Radu Postole

Lead Design Engineer at Arbutus Medical

Radu Postole is the Lead Design Engineer at Arbutus Medical. His work has spanned product development in solar lighting, assistive devices for people with disabilities, and most recently, medical devices for orthopaedic surgery in developing countries. He is an avid tinkerer and maker, passionate about developing technologies that help address society's needs.

Iryna Karaush

KPU Product Design Faculty & Coordinator

Iryna Karaush, B. Arch, MASA (UBC), is a faculty member in the Wilson School of Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University where she teaches Design Thinking and Design studies. She served as Product Design coordinator over 4 years. Originally trained as an architect, Iryna’s professional portfolio includes work in spatial design, design research and sports apparel design. Her recent professional and scholarly projects focus on Food Design research, where she explores the relationship between people and food from wide-ranging design perspectives in order to foster stronger connections between local food producers and their communities.


Reinier Halbertsma

Strategic Designer

A design strategist with 15 years agency experience, Reinier develops products and services for Startups and Multinationals such as Philips, TomTom, and Heineken. He is currently launching two businesses in the wellness sector, lecturing on strategic innovation, and coaching leaders and entrepreneurs through his initiative Working Lunch.* Reinier's expertise is in defining consumer-centric propositions for radical innovations, and how to bring them to market.


Victor G. Martinez

KPU Product Design Faculty & Researcher

Victor is an industrial designer with experience in Transportation, Sustainability and Systems Thinking Design.

His PhD project explored the early stages of new product development and how to integrate sustainability criteria. As part of his research he developed Trophec, an online product lifecycle visualisation tool:

His personal interest subjects are: systems thinking, complexity, sustainability and new business models, all applied to the design process of products, services or systems.

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