01 - Director (2) 

Hatching Health as an organization encompasses The Great Hatch event as well as pre-Hatch workshops and post-Hatch follow-up events. The Co-Directors facilitate goal-setting for the executive team and ensure all Hatching Health activities and events are in line with our vision and goals. They oversee all positions on the team and ensure there is effective internal communication and collaboration. As well, they work to continue fostering the community of healthcare innovators and partnered organizations we have built for the past five years! This is a very rewarding position and requires strong leadership and teamwork skills. 


  • Creating Hatching Health’s vision and setting goals for the year 

  • Actings as main representatives for Hatching Health to external organizations and persons 

  • Working with the Sponsorship Coordinator to seek new major sponsors and partners  

  • Creating and managing the budget 

  • Delegating tasks to plan one pre-Hatch workshop and two post-Hatch follow-up events 

  • Organizing and chairing executive team meetings  

  • Communicating with and overseeing all positions on the team to ensure all tasks are completed in a timely and satisfactory manner

  • Facilitating collaboration between team members to ensure coherence of all tasks 

Time Commitment

  • Bi-weekly team meetings (2hr)

  • Up to an additional 4-6 hours weekly - this will increase closer to the event date. 

Desired Experience and Traits

  • Experience with organizing a conference/ hackathon/ large scale event (ideal)

  • Strong leadership, organization, collaboration, and communication skills

  • Works well in a team setting and is professional and proactive 

  • Comfortable with pitching value propositions 

  • Strong passion/ interest for the field of medical innovation 

  • Motivated to deliver the best event possible!


  • Gain leadership experience organizing a large-scale event and leading a motivated team

  • Hone communication skills in a professional setting with external organizations and persons

  • Expand your personal and professional networks with multidisciplinary connections 

  • Learn about the current medical innovation field in Vancouver and British Columbia

  • Work as part of a diverse team of event organizers

  • Opportunity to continue with Hatching Health at an organizational level in future years