The Great Hatch Participant Application

We're looking for motivated individuals from all backgrounds who are passionate about changing the face healthcare for British Columbians. Want to be one of the 100 Hatchers to take part in The Great Hatch? Apply below. 

Prior to submitting this application, please review our FAQ and event details and consider what you will bring to the experience. Individuals will be selected based on the passion and skills they will bring. Get your application in soon!

Successful applicants will be contacted to register for the event by Feb 17th at the latest.

Please note that the fee to register is $25 for students and $50 for non-students and must be paid in order to accept your invitation to The Great Hatch.

Application deadline: February 10th @ 11:59 pm

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Alcohol will be served at the Friday Networking event.
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If you're stuck, describe the problem/'undesirable state' in 1 or 2 sentences (ex of questions to help: who is affected? What are the negative outcomes experienced? Where is it happening? When does it occur?). Here's an example of a problem statement: "Family doctors can spend a significant portion of their workday ensuring the correct patient paperwork is sorted with the correct patient electronic health record."
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Please note that the nature of this event requires participants to be there for the team from start to finish.
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