04 - Personnel Coordinator

The Great Hatch involves over 170 people - in addition to participants, we have dedicated volunteers, industry mentors, qualified judges and esteemed speakers. These people are integral to ensuring our participants experience as valuable an event as possible. We need someone to recruit the best mentors, judges, speakers, and volunteers and to coordinate their schedules during the event so they also have a great experience. If you’re organized and have excellent communication and people skills,  we want you on our team.


  • Coordinate the scheduling and activities of all mentors, judges, volunteers, and speakers 

  • Seek new academic leaders/ industry professionals to join The Great Hatch 

  • Communicate actively and reliably with all external persons 

  • Act as the main representative to mentors, judges, and speakers during The Great Hatch 

  • Work with the Logistics Coordinator to ensure the event runs smoothly

  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers for the event

  • Assist with additional hiring as necessary

Time Commitment

  • Bi-weekly team meeting

  • Up to an additional 3-4 hours weekly - this will increase closer to the event date.

Desired Experience and Traits

  • Experience in roles managing large numbers of individuals 

  • Strong organization, collaboration, and communication skills 

  • Professional behaviour in interpersonal interactions

  • Works well in a team setting and is reliable and proactive

  • Strong passion/ interest for the field of medical innovation 

  • Motivated to deliver the best event possible!


  • Gain experience managing a large group of people for a large-scale event

  • Hone organization and communication skills in a professional setting with academic/ industry professionals 

  • Expand your personal and professional networks with multidisciplinary connections 

  • Learn about the current medical innovation field in Vancouver and British Columbia

  • Work as part of a diverse team of event organisers

  • Opportunity to continue with Hatching Health at an organizational level in future years