Because we want you to come up with something amazing, we have spared no expense. Thanks to our great supporters, we will have tons of prototyping materials available to build and test your team's solutions. These will include:

3D Print Filament (will have printers!)

Arduino Starter Kits

LilyPad Pro Kits

Lilypad E-sewing Kits

GPS Sheild Kits

Wifi Sheild for Arduino

FPGA Evaluation Board

Triaxial Accelerometers

Force Sensors

Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Heart rate Sensors

Servo motors

AA Battery Holders (2 and 4; & batteries)


Molding Clay

Molding Foam

Home Depot Gift Cards ($20 increments)

also solder and wire

To acquire prototyping supplies from this list, please visit the registration desk in the Engineering Design Center during the event. We require a brief verbal explanation of what you plan to use the materials for so please try to think through what you will need. Limited quantities available.